Mustard & Balsamic Chicken wrapped in prosciutto

I came across this recipe a few years ago and it’s changed as time has passed, but one thing that hasn’t changed is that it’s awesome everytime.
This dish is great for parties, a pre-BBQ snack or even a starter.

Mustard & Balsamic Chicken really?

Chicken fillets
Fresh Rosemary (keep the sprigs)
Garlic Cloves
Djion Mustard (smooth is best)
Olive Oil
Balsamic vinegar
Parma ham/ prosciutto

Now you’ll notice I gave no measurements above. Here’s why…
The combination of ingredients above seems very strange however work extremely well together. It all comes down to how much chicken you have an finally weather you prefer to have a strong balsamic flavour coming trhough (my other half loves this) or if you prefer a strong mustard flavour (I love this).

This means this is a great recipe for bring out your own creative cooking side.

To get you started I would recommend beginning your mix with 1 part Mustard to 3 parts vinegar I use just enough oil to create the right consistency for a marinade.
Taste and change ?

How to Make them:

Chop the garlic and rosemary finely and place into your mustard vinegar mixture.
Cut the chicken in thin strips (this allows then to cook quicker)
Once you happy with the flavour add your chicken and leave for at least 1 hour(in the fridge)
Take your rosemary sprigs and skewer your chicken.
Place your prosciutto on a flat surface and lay your skewed chicken on one side then wrap the chicken completely.


How to cook it?

Dry frying these in a pan seems to work the best, the chicken cooks very quickly so watch your temperature , you don’t want to burn the prosciutto.
You can cook them on a BBQ but I recommend turning them regularly so they don’t burn.

(note I ran out of sprigs so I simply used wooden skewers instead)

You’ll find this to be one of the juiciest treats in town. Get your friends over and start snacking.

Rubik’s Cube

I’ve always been a fan of what some might consider the world’s most frustrating toy.
I first solved the cube back in 1996 thanks to a gift from my Mom, thanks Mom.

Back then I would never have thought that one day I’d get the chance to sit down and chat with the Rubik’s cube World Record Holder.

That’s right this year I meet up with Australia’s Feliks Zemdegs who currently holds 15 cube records the most coveted being the Rubik’s 3×3 single with a time of 5.66 seconds.
You can witness this madness here:

Here is the edited Rubik’s TV interview that I did:

The cubing world had better watch this space because I’m getting close to that World Record:

Can you solve the cube or does it drive you nuts?

Nokia Play to DLNA beta lab app

It’s been a while since I did an app review or made a video that was mobile related.
At the request of @mikemacias from The Mobile Fanatics I put together this demo.

This one is all about the Nokia Beta labs application “Nokia To Play” which can be installed from here.

The video explains everything you need to know about using the app. It’s a long clip, but well worth the watch.

I really like the idea of this app and it has had an update since this video was recorded.

Being a beta app it’s got some know issues which you can find here

The thought of lying on my couch and streaming my phone media to my TV really gets the geek inside me excited…

DIY Beer

Yip, this is all about Do It Yourself Beer?
I used the Coopers DIY kit which you can buy in various shops across Australia.

The first video is the unboxing and making of:

I’m sorry to say that my video files of the bottling are corrupt so I’ll just skip to the drinking.

If you not interested in making the beer and just want to find out how it tasted after 6 weeks, check this out:

Will you be making beer for the holidays this year?

iGlasses 920HR – review

I was very excited when I first found out that I was finally going to try out a pair of TV Glasses something that my gadgety geek side has wanted to do for a few years now.
When I first announced to some of my friends that I was going to get these “awesome” toys to trial, they too were pretty excited.

Before I get started here is the full spec

The screen size screen was great and the head phones were also very nice, however that is all the good I can really say about these bad boys.
As you can see they don’t look comfortable and well that’s because they aren’t I don’t think you could sit comfortable for more than 30minutes watching something with these on your face.

If you into fashion, then I can’t see you even admitting that you have tested these cause they don’t look good (not something that bothers me, but I got mocked a lot by my mates).
I found the set that I tested had very bad colour from both the N900 and TV output. Reds became brown everything was generally dark, I did use the remote control to make adjustments but it could only do so much.

On the positive side I did really like the headphones, you could attach them separately to the head gear. This device is made for more than just mobile output, so it comes with AV cables allowing you to watching from iPod, Mobile, TV, DVD and many other digital devices.

The glasses boast 3d capability which I did not test so I’m unable to comment on this.

The light protector extension that comes with these were very strange, they don’t really fit 100% unless you planned to glue them in place (I don’t think this is what you supposed to do). They still let in light and what’s worse is, while they try and block the light they actually create a reflection in the image making the watching experience far from acceptable for the money that you pay.

Although I’ve only tested one pair and one model I’m not convinced yet.
The idea is great and practicality is there, however the product isn’t. They didn’t seem to blow me away with image quality. My N900 has far better image sharpness colour and brightness.

The up side is that the technology is there and with companies venturing into the realm of 3D I can see myself wanting a pair in a few years.

Have you tried any TV Glasses, I would love to know how you found them?