Windows 8 – Stop complaining and learn to use it

Windows 8 was officially launched over a week ago and now with PC’s both new and old getting either fresh installs or upgrades applied, it’s hard not to share in the excitement of this.

Or as some are doing complaining about change…


First let me say I don’t work for Microsoft but have been a fan of ‘MOST’ of their work going back to the launch of Windows95 when my dad gave me his very sort after official VIP launch tickets (I was 15).

In those days it was very much a Windows vs the world situation, the reason for the companies many nicknames such as M$, MicroSuck and others. At school the rest of the geeks used to mock me for giving into the corporate Masterpower that Microsoft was at the time. A tough gig for a 15year old wanting to make friends in the computer room, especially based on a preference of software, but alas these were the  lines I walked, along with liking Ice-Ice-baby and few other things I’d rather not mention in public ;-)

So what’s this article about?! Well I’ve been using Windows 8 Pro (official release) for a few days and am starting to understand many of the interwebs complaints regarding the OS, I don’t agree with all of them but wanted to share my 2 cents.

The biggest grip that I have is that I don’t know everything yet.

To put it simply it’s the same situation I was in when Win95 launched, as I was when Office changed to its latest ribbon format and when EA games changed its Fifa xbox control layout. That being said I still play fifa, I’m pretty handy at office and well Win95 or at the very least its UI is something that almost everyone is familiar with.

The point I’m trying to make is that in a few years (possibly less) when everyone upgrades and starts using Windows 8 once it enters the school sector and we start seeing more Windows 8 tablets on the market and more Windows Phone 8 devices in the wild the less we will hear these complaints.

If you think the metro titles don’t have a place on PC, then just use the desktop version. You will be missing out on some useful live titles and apps, but that’s your choice, a choice you have been given!

I’m not saying it’s a perfect OS, as I’m not in a position to say so, nor have I explored everything it has to offer or doesn’t offer, but what I will say is I’m accepting change and giving it a go…

So to all the ‘Experts’ out there, I ask for you to please learn how to use Windows 8 before you start knocking it. You might be surprised to hear that  people read your posts and share you stories so I think it’s your duty to give it go…

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