Hi to 2011

Now that I have said Bye to 2010 it’s time to say hi to 2011 by sharing some of my ideas and plans for 2011.

In no particular order:

Blog More

I would like to write at least one blog post a week.

There is a good change most will be about Mobile phones, but I would like to start doing more travel,cooking and just general brain farts this year.

Play Sport/Get Fit

As a kid I loved sport and was very fit, I want to enjoy that feeling again. I’m going to try and track all my runs using my Nokia N8 so keep an eye on my Sports-Tracker Profile

Make a lego stop motion video

Don’t ask me why, but I’ve recently become obsessed with lego.

See Machu Picchu in person.

This has been a dream of mine since the beginning of time.

Starting Meditating again

You may not know but for a period of 3+ years I used to meditate about1hour everyday. I even completed a 10day silent meditation retreat which involved 10 hours of sitting meditation a day. I want to feel more in the present and gain some inner peace in 2011.

Do something amazing for a stranger

Create a bucket list

Sounds morbid but I always think of cool things I want to do, and I think if I make list I might actually do them.

Learn to snowboard

Again this is something I have wanted to do for a very long time, but have just not got around to doing it.

Invent my own recipe

Those close to me know how much I love food and cooking and I think it’s about time I did this. I spent some time last year trying to master the Pepper Calamari that you get at Basaba which I think shows my dedication to food.

Secret Project

I have a project I want to take on and lets just say it will involve the whole world including 195 strangers and if I start now I might finish it by the end of 2012. Who knows some of you might involved so keep an eye on your postbox :-)

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